Monday, February 27, 2006

More thoughts on choice (or not)

  • Lynn Taylor Rick and John Tsitrian weigh in for a Rounds veto in the RCJ.

  • The Bible may not be as clear on the subject as you may think. For instance, check out Numbers 5:11-31-- the God of Moses commands abortion?? (Oh, but it's okay, the men make the call.) If anyone can explain this one to me, please do. I recommend Sojourners for a thoughtful faith-based perspective on this whole debate.

  • I believe this whole issue needs a little more compassion and prayer and a lot less noise. I really feel like some of the strongest activists are women who made the painful choice to have abortions and have been absolutely hammered with summary judgement from their spiritual leaders, there families, and in many cases, themselves. Talk about tragedy. I'm glad that all women who have to choose abortion do not share this fate. (I only made it to the second story before I got so angry at the "pro-lifers" that I had to move on. Talk about no compassion.)

    Amid all the talk of boycotts and ethical polemics, I hope we don't forget all the people that live every day with all outcomes of unwanted pregnancies, and commit ourselves to both be compassionate and do what we can to reduce the number of people faced with them. Oh, and of course, let's not forget the "post-born," who need some "christian" attention too.


  1. Anonymous01:59

    How can a father like you hate the life in side your wife so much that it?s ok for her to kill it before birth. Then they are born you love them so much. These babies need love from beginning to end. Choice is a joke on life. Choose to be a reasonable human and don't murder children, or encourage others to choose to have a child killed. I wonder why you believe babies only deserve to live if their mothers want them. If as your wife had your daughter reached down with scissors and stabbed her till she died before the head came out is that her choice? is that ok? I?m so sorry you don't understand and hope your children understand that the easy choice to not be responsible is not the right choice.

  2. > easy choice to not be responsible
    > is not the right choice.

    The assumption I hear from social conservatives that most people considering abortion (or divorce for that matter) are seeking "the easy way out" insults people (especially women) who face these hard choices. It really doesn't take much imagination to imagine someone considering of abortion for some other reason than "convenience." If you can't try harder. Or ask a practicing doctor (especially an OBGYN) why 1215 is a bad idea.

    There is no "easy way out" when someone is up against this-- that's a myth, except for some people, like those who casually use abortion as birth control. But, truly, they need moral support and guidance, not criminal prosecution.

  3. jessica02:38

    Robbinsdale, you seem rather reasonable although I disagree with abortion. I think the choice tears women up, but no it's the wrong choice. Not easy but wrong.