Thursday, December 4, 2014

How big is that Alex Johnson Starbucks sign anyway?

Okay, first, here is the artist rendition the Historical Society approved (thanks RCJ):

I took a picture today and cropped the above picture for easy comparison:

Scaling these pictures above:
AJ sign on left : ~65 pixels
AJ sign on right:  ~70 pixels
Starbucks sign as advertised to commission: ~18 pixels
As build after approval: ~37 pixels

Width difference = 70/65 * 18  / 37 =  1.91
Area difference ( pi * (1.91 / 2)^2  /  pi * (1 / 2)^2  = 3.65

I think area is the more important quantity here as it defaces the historical building that much.

So the AJ lied to the historical society more than 350%. Clearly they don't believe they need to follow the rules like everyone else.

And it's REALLY ugly.

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