Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gov Daugaard: Take the money!

There's a very active petition going on at signon.org to send a clear message to Governor Daugaard:

Governor Daugaard: Accept Federal Medicaid Funds

Over 13% of South Dakota residents don't have health insurance, including many children.

By rejecting Medicaid expansion funds from the federal government, you are hurting over 40,000 South Dakotans who would benefit from it.

Please reverse course and accept the federal Medicaid dollars and help South Dakotans in need.

I too, find it unconscionable that our Republican friends in Pierre are so keyed up on making partisan points against ACA that they are refusing to provide help to people who need it, especially when it will help, rather than hurt, our state budget. One argument they give is that they are worried about paying later. Well, with health care, every dollar invested in the poor (a) will be spent and invigorate our economy, producing state tax dollars from the federal influx back to Pierre, and (b) investing in health care for our poor (especially children) pays back in social good, helping our children grow up healthier, do better in school, and so on. Let the Feds pay now, or we pay later, is how I see it. If you agree, please sign the petition now.

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