Friday, February 17, 2012

A note to Senator Adelstein

I just sent this to my State Senator. If you agree, tell your reps and maybe even sign this petition to the Governor (Thanks Cory!). HB 1234 is a bad idea.

Hello Senator!

I hope that the Senate can see fit to not adopt the HB1234 proposals and instead set up a study group to come up with some solid solutions. I am not satisfied with Rep. Sly's contention that we have to start somewhere, even if some of the things we starting with are, "problematic."

I like the idea of incentives for new teachers, though loan forgiveness would probably be more effective than incentive pay.
Penalizing dedicated special ed and music teachers by giving
bonuses to math and science teachers seems very counterproductive.
These things should be discussed before we ask our students
to deal with the possible unintended consequences.

In this case, the Legislature should take a page from the Hippocratic Oath -- "do no harm"!

Curtis Price
Rapid City, SD


  1. "Do no harm" -- right on, Curtis! Keep spreading the word!

  2. Anonymous19:04

    Huh! SD socialist radical ideas from Rapid City. That is super. I live in Sioux Falls, in SD-9. I am pretty active esp during election time in democratic circles. I am not on DK as I have gotten dumped, partly for my opposition to the gun fascists.