Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rep Hunhoff sets the record straight

Don't miss Rep. Bernie Hunhoff's clear defense of the Democrat's fair, tough, and above all, honest fiscal proposals for South Dakota in today's Mitchell Republic. (Opinion: Recent 'Other view' editorial was misrepresentation, Feb 5)

(Unless of course, you believe our all-Republican, all-the-time team in Pierre is just doing a bang-up job in Pierre.)

As they say on Weekend Update: "Really?"

Hunhoff wrote this piece in response to a misleading criticism in a republished Watertown Opinion editorial last week, Hunhoff penned this editorial published in the Mitchell Republic that sets the record straight.

This editorial charged, among other things, that:

When asked about their plan to take money from the state's cash-flow fund, which essentially is the state's checking account, Democrats didn't know any details

Clearly, they simply made this up. They certainly didn't ask any Democrats.

Rep. Bernie Hunhoff responded with, well, the TRUTH:

The Public Opinion writer said “Democrats, when asked (about the state’s $1 billion cash flow account), didn’t know any details.” That’s absurd. Nobody asked. Every Democratic legislator has a list of the 262 accounts in the Cash Flow Account. Every one knows that many of those funds are off-limits and obligated, and they also know that many others belong to the citizens of South Dakota and have been used routinely as reserve funds.

We have a complete printout for any journalist or citizen who wants it. Call me at 773-3846 for your copy.

Hunhoff went on to tell the truth about how this has all gone down, as well:

Democratic legislators were the only voices in Pierre for ending the structural deficit until two weeks ago. We have fought for years to instill some budget discipline in the process so we could plan wisely for the future.

Gov. Daugaard failed to see a problem until he took the oath of office, but now he wants to change it before Easter by recklessly damaging our schools and our community health-care centers.

His plan would cost South Dakota in many ways. We’ll lose great teachers. Classroom sizes will be bigger. Costs will shift to property taxpayers. Nursing homes and non-profit health providers will close. The young and the poor will suffer the most.

When will South Dakotans wake up to the fact that a Republican monopoly unchallenged by the voters is not serving them well?

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