Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well-attended crackerbarrel in Rapid City

I caught most of the West River Cracker barrel today at the South Dakota School of Mines this morning and had a chance to ask a question. Sort of.

One of my Reps, Kristin Conzet, said in response to another question that the Governor's budget recommendations were solid because he had been working on his budget "for some time."

My question was (expanded here):

Rounds and Daugaard during 2010 firmly explained to their political opponents that there is no budget [C]risis in South Dakota, although there was lots of evidence and many other leaders (including Republicans) were making noises about it. In December, Rounds, and then in January Daugaard have been running around the State House in Pierre with their hair on fire,(hat tip to Lewis Black) using the "C" word and promoting "ripping off the band-aid" during a time of economic hardship.

There was no crisis until well after Election Day, when in December, Gov. Rounds, and now, Gov. Daugaard are for taking an ax to everything the State (along with certain matching Federal funds that go with some of that spending).

The question is: what happened?

Rep. Conzet's brief response: "Daugaard starting working on the budget the day he become Governor" -- so the former Governor kept him in the "Cone of Silence"?

And the Dems are accused of "playing politics" with the facts...

Furthermore, the new Governor's rhetoric sure seems disturbingly aimed at a certain classes of people:’s important not to abandon hard work because our ability to care for ourselves and our families, that is dependent upon work...
(Daugaard inaugural address)

You know - those food stamps and other assistance for the disabled, and of course those shiftless working poor who clean our houses, prepare our food, educate our children,and serve the public in state government.

It should be noted that there are other, better, ideas out there than indiscriminate, across-the-board cuts. Since the Dems are so outnumbered, hopefully there is room for a little bipartisanship?

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  1. yankee07:47

    Had the same thoughts myself, I remember watching SD Focus and host Richard muller asking about the budget during a governors candidate forum. Dugaard responded very mildly and every other candidate ( like 6 others ? ) claimed the budget was in trouble.