Monday, October 11, 2010

The most popular political in America, snubbed in Rapid City

Rapid City's Presidents project has chosen Bill Clinton to be the last Presidential statue to be placed. Only the current sitting President will be placed after Clinton.

What a tribute to our nation's most popular political figure and the warped reality of Rapid City's political thought that he is last. I wouldn't doubt that the Republican "intelligentsia" among the City Fathers intended to put him last as a snub. His continuing popularity must drive them crazy.

Our fair city again makes its name as the most ironic place in America!

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  1. I got a comment that was from "Anonymous" and was a little rude so I didn't publish it. But the commenter blamed the Clinton popularity on Politico's (hah) "left slant".

    Anonymous, you really should read the article. This was a quite defensible poll commissioned out by the left-left Wall Street Journal and NBC News. Politico was just reporting on the poll.

    So many people just can't get over the sex because what nags at them even more is the fact that during Bill Clinton's presidency we had the best economic performance since the 1960s. Clinton was preceded and followed by Republican presidents who basically blew it on the economy. How dare he.

    Note that Bill Clinton is still on marriage #1, which is a huge credit to him and Hillary. Can't say so much about his most vocal Republican critics.