Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Radical fires off a note to Gov. Rounds

In response to this lovely news that we are supporting Arizona's blatantly unconstitutional, stupid, and immoral law, (RCJ 7/13) I sent a note to our soon-to-be ex Governor.

Someone, please ask the Lt Governor where he stands on this shameful act, which is very much in the spirit of John Birch and the KKK (who both were big in our State -- not too long ago).

Dear Governor Rounds,

Arizona's action is not only blatantly unconstitutional, but inhumane. I see it as a political trick to distract Arizona voters from the failures of their legislature and governor.

I am ashamed that my state has wasted my tax money for a clearly futile defense of Arizona's law -- which smells of National Socialism. I hope our many international tourists don't find out about this, because it would discourage them from visiting the Hills.

We have many Hispanic people in South Dakota that already are feeling less safe because of Arizona's actions and this will just add to it. What's next - a Federal version of "papers please" -- thank goodness the US Constitution would invalidate an attempt to pass such a law -- at any level of government.

The right thing to do is to direct the AG to withdraw from this amicus brief and admit your mistake. This would save taxpayers money and help South Dakota restore its image as a state where visitors are welcome.

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  1. Anonymous12:23

    I so agree w/your letter to the Governor. Good heavens instead of turning away these individuals, help them find a sponsor and get legalized--they are doing work that many, many American's don't want to do--it is too below them. Whatever happened to human compassion. Are we so obsessed with money and power we forget people need help. WWJD!! Governor Rounds professes to be a Christian, maybe it's time to act like one.