Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Patti Martinson featured in Rapid City Journal

The RCJ has posted the story on Patti's re-election effort... (Patti represents Robbinsdale and I sure hope she can get re-elected, she's been awesome.)

Incumbent Patti Martinson says helping people her goal in Ward 1
"A lot of what I do is help people. I try to connect this person with that person, for whatever issue," she said. "My best skill as a city council member is using who I am and what I know to bring people I think would work well together."

Remember, she also didn't vote to censure Sam Kooiker in a poorly conceived and ugly effort by the Council to discourage Council members from asking questions of City employees.

Her challenger is soooo business as usual --- so re-elect Patti! Rah rah!

By the way - several segments of video about Patti's positions are on the RCJ online at:

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  1. Anonymous09:34

    So, you think standing up for Sam is what will save her job?
    Find it funny, considering how many also remember her for pushing her "private agenda" pushed by Center West.