Saturday, May 29, 2010

Honoring ALL who serve our country

flagWe hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, remembering the sacrifice of all who serve our country to preserve the freedoms we too often take for granted. Today we celebrate freedom that we, in turn, have an obligation to preserve and protect, and exercise to make our Nation more just and fair for everyone. Our history has clearly demonstrated that we are stronger when everyone is included.

On that note, we want to ask all of you to thank Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin for her courageous vote to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT). DADT, a compromise reached by former President Clinton and our nations legislators on gays serving openly in our military has by Clinton's own admission been a mistake from the beginning.  It is long past time that this law be overturned and we thank every U.S. House member (Republicans and Democrats) who supported this effort.

This link will take you to her comment page:

We greatly appreciate your efforts in thanking Stephanie for her vote to end DADT.  Hopefully, we can drown out the hysterical voices of the Family Policy Council and related organizations that hate anything to do with providing equal rights for LGBT South Dakotans!

Curtis Price
David Fischer
Equality South Dakota

P.S. Don't forget to honor our veterans' sacrifices by being a real "values voter" in the South Dakota primary on June 6 (or vote early this coming week). Our voice matters!


  1. Thank Stephanie? I don't know. Cory at Madville Times described it as she left it to military leaders to determine what was best for them. If they had said no, would she have voted no? Either she would have or is hiding behind their statements. Will she vote for ENDA? Does she vote her conscious or take what she sees as a safer route and lean toward what's acceptable or nearly acceptable to conservative SD voters?

  2. Far be it from me to defend Rep Herseth Sandlin's political gamesmanship, which has led her to vote in ways at times that IMHO have not helped our Nation or State... but ...

    she very well could have voted the other way, and no matter her motives (which only she knows for sure), I think as her constituents and supporters of the ending of this awful and damaging policy we have an obligation to thank her when she casts a vote that makes sense and supports our values.

  3. Anonymous15:16

    How is it equal, again, when LGBT values are forced on the majority? Doesn't sound like equality to me....more like forcing a religion on a group that doesn't want to be misled.