Monday, May 31, 2010

Bobby Jindal comes around

to realize that he wants and needs the Federal government to spend ... not on trivial stuff like protecting Seattle from pesky volcanoes of course, but to protect his state from corporate greed and government that doesn't "encumber" business with "needless regulation."

Has he exposed himself as a member of the "something for nothing" and the "only for me" crowds, or is he planning on switching parties?

from NYT, White House Tries to Regroup:
Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, appearing on “Meet the Press,” again criticized the administration’s efforts, saying: “We need our federal government exactly for this kind of crisis.


  1. "The USGS spent less than $1.5 million monitoring the volcano and was able to warn of the impending eruption"

    Sounds like Bobby Jindal recognizes the stimulus spending is a $140 million non-crisis expenditure for the sake of saving jobs that would have been lost to recent budget shortfalls (in other words spending in spite of having no money) and he can make the distinction between progressive pork and disaster relief.

    can you?

  2. The CBO determined that the largest contributor to our current deficit is not Iraq and Afghanistan (although they are horribly expensive) - it's our irresponsible tax policies voted in by the Republican Congress in 2003 and 2005.

    If you lived in Seattle, you would not see volcano research as pork.

  3. And I might add that Bobby Jindel, a believer in free enterprise, should be going after BP instead of the Federal taxpayer to solve a problem that is becoming day by day more obvious as a case of gross negligence by an apparently unaccountable multinational corporation. ("One world government" threat indeed -- it's nationless businesses we should be fearing.)