Tuesday, April 27, 2010

South Dakota wins again

... so the Argus Leader reports today (S.D. has nation's lowest average wage).

So much for Getting On The Track To The Good Life.

The Argus, as is their wont as a card-carrying liberal media outlet, sought out a few Bolsheviks from our left-wing university system for comment:

"Our economy has modernized and we're a service economy," said Ralph Brown, professor emeritus of economics at the University of South Dakota. "But what we're missing is the high knowledge-based and high human-capital type services."

To change the job make-up here, said Reynold Nesiba, associate professor of economics at Augustana College, the state needs to move toward a development model he calls "economic gardening" as opposed to "smokestack chasing."

"We attract out-of-state firms with our low corporate and low personal income tax," Nesiba said. "But it is a development strategy that will leave us in last place."

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  1. and how many people have no job and aren't counted anywhere???