Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kristin Conzet Corrections

I got a note from Rep. Kristin Conzet today with some important news for all you readers.

I apologize for the errors and misconceptions and hope that we hear more from Ms. Conzet during the campaign -- honestly very few people in my District know anything about her, it would be nice to be clued in a bit as she goes the process of being re-elected.

OK, here we go:

* It's Kristin not Kristen Conzet.

* Rep Conzet was NOT executive director of Storybook Island in 2005 (or ever, apparently).
(Correction: she was ED later, Rep Conzet informed me - "for a short time") According to Rep. Conzet, that's Kristen Conzet at the Easter Egg Hunt reported in the RCJ, not her? Oh, a misprint. She should take that up with the RCJ.

* I have no business saying that Rounds and Conzet's father have "a close business relationship" because I haven't been present to see them interact, even though her father "brought him on board" more than 20 years ago. But of course, neither does the RCJ, the Argus, or the Capital Journal, to wit:
Conzet knows Mike Rounds, who happens to be both the governor and a business partner with Karl Fischer, Conzet's dad. They're pals as well as partners in that East River-West River community of Pierre-Fort Pierre...
I apologize for all of us.

Now that I've corrected the record, I hope Rep. Conzet can let us know what she's been doing in the Legislature and why she and Brian Gosch should be returned to Pierre, besides the the fact that it's a foregone conclusion in this dramatically R-dominated part of the world. I know she made some really courageous votes. I hope to hear more about it in the coming months.

Please, Rep. Conzet, I am not against you -- but you are in absolute denial if you don't think the circumstances of your appointment and your status as a one of the very few female legislators doesn't demand something more from you in the way of sharing information with your District!!

This isn't a crazy blogger thing (not that I'm crazy... ok maybe a little bit) -- real journalists and watchdog groups ask questions because it's an issue. To gain more credibility, you are simply going to have to get out there and speak to the issues more clearly than you did back in December. And talk up your record -- it sounds like you may have a lot of interesting things to say.

It isn't like your election is in doubt -- so why not get out there and let us know who our junior legislator is? It would be good for you and good for our politics around here. There is far too much silence.


  1. Anonymous13:10

    Kristin, Kristen, Christen, Kristine, Chritina...I always get so rattled with those names.

    Glad to see you demand more from all our politicians. Keep it up RR.

    I'm a resident of RC now riding my bike across windmill-less South Dakota. This state needs to seriously tap into its wind. I'd like to hear Conzet's take on the next steps.

    Jay Pond (checking in from Colome, SD)

  2. Curtis;

    While it's never fun to run a correction, it shows credibility, integrity, and fair play.

    You and Rep. Conzet may never see eye-to-eye on political matters but she can't say that you didn't respond to her concerns.

    Best regards,

    Todd Epp
    Middle Border Sun