Thursday, February 11, 2010

Radical & The Bob on KOTA

KOTA-TV called for an interview the other day and I was happy to chime in.

I thank Katy Urban of KOTA for doing such a great job on this story!

I got to say a few things, but the money quote was from Bob Ellis. He seems to say this whenever he gets interviewed by the press, maybe to keep the show going that he isn't basically just a mouthpiece for the Heritage Foundation:
Ellis says every blogger should strive to meet the highest ethical standards. "We should be held accountable to present as true of information as possible and definitely not making any claims or allegations that are demonstratively false," Ellis said. 


Gina Miller, today on Dakota Voice offers a whopper -- I think she shows a lot of chutzpah to lie like this right the middle of West River, one of the most homophobic parts of the country.... Maybe she should go visit BHCFE and get some facts about what it's like for LGBT folk who live here.

[Proposed US House bill H.R. 4530 states] ,“…students and parents have often had limited legal recourse to redress for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity,” another patently false statement.

And, it seems, every time it snows, Bob misrepresents settled science:

Much of what AGW [Anthropogenic Global Warming -- BTW Bob it's "Climate Change" -- some places get colder, some get wetter)] “shadow boxers” push to convince people (or just themselves, maybe) that AGW is real is what could best be characterized as “junk science.”

And he lies about religion constantly (here's a site to enlighten you, Bob, though I know that you aren't really interested in facts about religion--other than your extremist wing of Christianity):

The doctrine of every major religion teaches that homosexual behavior is immoral and is a contradiction of God’s design for the expression of human sexuality.

Talk about the "pernicious lie" ... Bob's ignorance and defiance of the facts would do a lot of damage -- if anyone really bought it outside his extremely True Christian™ audience.


  1. Ah, I see that our brief detant during this story died a quick death.

    The truth is, it is YOU who is lying about all these things. You lie by telling people that God approves of a sexual practice he makes abundantly clear in both Old and New Testaments that he strongly disapproves of--it violates his design for human sexuality and turns it upside down, after all. Even science and the biology of our sex organs should tell you that. You also lie about the incredible health risks associated with homomosexual behavior--including several STDs, AIDS, anal cancer, hepatitis, substance abuse, depression, suicide and domestic violence--when you try to get people to believe it's harmless. Even a certain homosexual activist has admitted within the last year or so that homosexual sex is a "cesspool" (his word, not mine) of disease.

    You also lie about the laughable theory of anthropogenic global warming--a theory so silly it should have a hard time showing up on a C-grade movie on the Sci Fi Channel. The overwhelming bulk of the real information (not "fudged" computer models based on conjecture and socialist hopes) points to natural and cyclic climate change going back thousands of years...and even occuring on other planets in our solar system where--the last I checked--no capitalist has ever set foot.

    You can be a nice guy when you want to be, Curtis. But you should stop regurgitating this harmful nonsense. The first brand anesthetizes and misleads some people into dangerous (physically and spiritually) sexual practices,and the second brand is harmful to our freedom and prosperity.

    The facts are demonstrably not on your side. Give some serious thought about coming over to the good side. Life is a lot easier when you don't rely on people that make stuff up for your information.

  2. You can be a nice guy when you want to be.

    My wife says I'm waaay too nice.

    But like you, I like to call them as I see 'em, and I think you definitely have the upper hand with respect to linking folks that "make stuff up"... like ...

    The Heritage Foundation
    Focus On The Family
    WorldNet Daily


    These are NOT mainstream organizations and distribute information that is "demonstrably false" all the time. At least in my world -- I do believe we may live in different realities!

    God Bless ya Bob -- keep your feet on the ground and your eyes open!

    God has plans for both you and me which we can't even imagine.

  3. Oh, and by the way,

    1. It's détente. But no big deal, it's one of those lefty French words.

    2. Were we at war? I think you may be mistaken about what keeps me up at night.

  4. Ronnie Raygun09:09

    Bob - Now that you're using French words, despite your spelling disabilities, may I now start referring to French fries when I go to McDonald's instead of the Right Wing politically corrected term freedom fries?

    Just checking. I don't want to be called a pernicious liar.

  5. Anonymous14:47

    Pictures of glaciers worldwide from then and now don't lie...Bob is only spouting the coroporate lie...and as for the other stuff...well, it's great to know the facts have yet to penetrate his world...if they actually did, he's fall over in a dead faint. It's strange about facts, Bob, you can't have your own facts and get away with it forever.

  6. Anonymous19:52

    I don't get it. Bob Ellis wants us to believe that the earth was created in 6 days and it all happened 6000 years ago. Yet, when it comes to the possibility of global warming, it couldn't possibly happen in 100 years. Go figure.

  7. Anonymous09:50

    Anthropogenic Global Warming has been accepted by 98% of climatologists and those who study the question as proven. Why do you persist with such stupidity.