Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A letter to Stan


I am quite disappointed in both you and Rep. Lust (and, sadly, quite a few Dems) who support this resolution.

I see SCR1, passed yesterday by the SD Senate and sent along to the House, as contributing absolutely nothing to the health care debate.

The truth is, the health care bill Congress is working on includes many many features demanded by U.S. House and Senate Republicans that will not vote for even parts of it, for apparently purely political reasons. Despite these concessions, we need health care reform so badly in this country that I think we will get something passed, but thanks to the absolute refusal of Republicans and "conservadems" to contribute anything except political theatre and gamesmanship, it will only be a start to move us forward.

One of the really bad ideas included in a vain attempt to gain some Republican votes are the multi-state exchanges, which we hear about from Republican legislature candidates like clockwork every two years. These multi-state exchanges (like credit-card regulations) direct health insurance companies to set up shop in states with the weakest consumer protections. Another idea that will provide more protection to an over-protected health insurance industry.  Without government intervention in health care, this is the way it will continue to go.

I would really like to see our Legislature do something positive in this area. Access to basic health care is a human right -- and America's refusal to stand up and recognize this is the reason our health statistics are approaching third-world outcomes. I'm ashamed of our country for putting profits ahead of the most vulnerable of us, and I urge you to bring forward constructive solutions to solve this problem.

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