Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gee, this seems familiar...

To your face they are very sweet, smiling, saying we disagree but that's okay. But after you leave the room...

This is exactly my experience with the South Dakota Family Policy Council and their friends, the Citizens For Liberty (for People That Look Like Us).

(hat tip to nakedpastor)

Here's the story from the Washington Independent:
On Thursday, leaders of both groups posed for an impromptu meeting in view of CNN’s cameras, joking about the possibility of a beer summit. But on Friday morning, the National Organization for Marriage preemptively blasted GOProud in a surprisingly acid press release.


GOProud's executive director Jimmy LaSalvia was furious. "When the cameras were rolling," said LaSalvia, "they were very nice. Now that the cameras aren't rolling, rather than walking 20 feet over to us, they fire off a news release. What kind of man can’t walk across the row to deliver a message? I just have a question for them: Who's the pansy at CPAC? What wusses. Just come over. Don't play nice if you're not going to be nice."


[David Weigel] told LaSalvia that in my interactions with NOM, they’ve stressed that they respect gays and gay rights. "That's their tactic," he said. "Bottom line, that's what they do. They’re very nice and friendly, and they put on a pretty face, then they play in the gutter."

(BTW A fond memory of mine from the 2006 Amendment C campaign was a lovely lunch at the Firehouse Brew Pub with Jimmy LaSalvia and Jon Hoadley. That was fun!)

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