Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meade County Commissioners defend their pay raise

Here's a report from Mack McGillivray on how the meeting went last night in Meade County, just to recap, the Meade County Commissioners voted themselves an EIGHTY-SIX percent raise -- this includes right-wing anti-government conservative Alan Aker, who is proud that we efficiently underpay our teachers in SD:

I was a great meeting, and at one point I counted over fifty, and I think more came in after that. The participants were very well behaved, and asked a lot of good questions. The Commissioners were very gracious, answering questions promptly, and fully. Although Doreen Creed has stated she will make a motion to rescind the raise at the 2/2 meeting, she still spent most of the time defending it, as did Aker.

It seemed to be the general consensus that the two major explanations that Aker and Creed put forth, that they spend so much time as commissioners, and that they are asking for the raise not for them, but for everyday working people, so they can afford to serve. From the questions and comments, it did not seem like anyone was buying it. In fact, both Aker and Creed said several times that they have not received much comment on the issue personally. Therefore, I asked the audience if anyone agreed with the raise, and one person raised their hand. When I asked who was against, a sea of hands went up.

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  1. What I remember most about Alan Aker is the column he wrote years ago about how he refused to help pay for his son's college. My parents didn't pay for mine, either, but it was because they were disabled and very poor. It took me 8 years to go to college vs 4 due to having to stop classes and work when I ran out of money, which certainly lowered my lifetime earnings. A person who would do this to his own child when he could afford to help is nothing but a selfish cold hearted awful person in my book.