Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kevin Woster captures what the RC School Board fuss was about

Wondering why the "gay agenda" so well-represented and articulate at the Rapid City School Board meeting this week after Gordon Howie's December 17 threat to of the school board?

Kevin Woster hit it right on the head in an op-ed (RC Journal, Jan 3, Navigating the icy roads of fatherhood)about what LGBT parents and parents of LGBT kids face every single day.

Well, okay he WAS talking about road ice but it's a very good metaphor.

They're big kids, well on their way to lives I can only guess at. But they're still my kids. And I still get jelly kneed at the idea of something terrible happening to them out in that big world of promise and hope and danger and pain.

Letting go is tough duty for a parent, even when the "kids" are 25 and 27. Yet, you have to do it every time they turn and walk away from your latest lingering hug.

They did that last Sunday morning, after six days here in Rapid City. It was the longest stretch we've had together since their high school years, and it left me feeling wealthy beyond words.

It also left me with a nervous knot in my stomach as they pulled out of the driveway and out onto roads turned treacherous by the two-day winter storm that swept the state.

When Judy Shepard spoke in Rapid City, she related that when her son Matthew "came out" to her, that her first thoughts were for her son's personal safety out there on the "icy roads" of the world.

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