Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not Christmas Yet

From Kathy's Good Word
While our culture has been celebrating Christmas since before Thanksgiving, we continue to wait....

Advent waiting ... forms us, shapes us, so that the inconceivable conception can take hold of us, and can give birth to the Holy Imagination that bears God into this world.

Mary spent most of her life waiting; from the moment the angel Gabriel comes to her and announces do not be afraid, through the final moments as she waited for her son’s death on the cross, and the hours up to the inconceivable resurrection. Mary waits. I think Mary’s waiting can teach us that Advent is a time that summons us to embrace waiting as a way of life. Advent summons us to practice waiting, and by doing so to lay down the foundations of a life shaped by waiting, so that when those times come when we have no idea what to do, times of sadness, times of joy, times of difficulty, times of division, we fall back on that deep, still waiting in the present moment that opens up a space for God’s interruption in our midst.

All (and we really mean all at St Andrew's) are invited to my parish's Christmas services:

Thursday 24th
7:00 am Morning Prayer
5:00 pm Christmas Eve Service with Pageant, Carols, and Communion
9:00 pm Festive Christmas Eve Service with Choir and Communion

Friday 25th
10:15 am Christmas Day Service (at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 717 Quincy (across Quincy from the Dahl)

Sunday 27th
8:00 am Holy Communion
9:00 am Education Hour
10:00 am Holy Communion
11:15 am Coffee Hour

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
910 Soo San Drive • Rapid City, South Dakota 57702
605-343-4210 • e-mail:

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