Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MN Senator Introduces South Dakota's Junior Senator To The Facts

Not to be missed.

It's a little embarrassing to me as a South Dakotan, that my state elected a Senator that cares FAR more about talking points (and political points) than the truth.


  1. Anonymous10:11

    I see all the liberal are salivating over this video and it's definitely much ado about nothing. Actually both are correct, it just depends on what kind of "benefits" you are talking about. Thune was specifically addressing the "public option" which is the item that will cost taxpayers the most money.
    Now Franken was correct that there are "benefits" that kick in, but that is more mandates and tax credits.
    Thune was trying to clarify his point (but Franken wouldn't yield) and did come back but I don't see the reporting on that.
    Ultimately it shows the crassness of Franken and how his demeanor doesn't belong in the Senate. We can disagree, but we don't have to be disagreeable.

  2. Thune was speaking in generalities and you know it. You can play the tape on C-Span.

    Public Option would SAVE taxpayers LOTS on money, according to CBO. But that's by the boards as is any expansion of Medicare.

    You can disagree, but you can't expect to make up stuff and expect the the same weight as verifiable fact.