Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

From Rev. Susan+ Russell's sermon today... (links mine)

The stakes don’t get much higher than the sacred at stake in the Christmas morning moment.

For the “something sacred” at stake this morning is nothing less than the promise born again this Christmas Day ... and again and again as we tell and re-tell the miracle of the Christmas story as a church that has brought that hope to birth year after year, Christmas after Christmas, for over two thousand years now.

You’d think we’d be a little closer by now. To the “Peace on Earth, Good Will to All” part. We’ve put a lot of choruses of “O come let us adore him” in the books down through the ages and yet that kingdom hasn’t come on earth as it is in heaven. At least not the last time I checked the news. The Prince of Peace does not yet reign on earth as He does in heaven while troops are mobilizing for deployment in Afghanistan. The herald angels who sang “risen with healing in his wings” have not managed to bring healing to a health care system that fails again and again to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. And if you’re following the situation in Uganda, then “you hear what I hear:” that the head of the Anglican Communion continues to sit in Lambeth Palace warm while gay and lesbian Ugandans shiver in the cold of dehumanizing homophobia.

Read the whole thing at Inch At a Time.

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