Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making Out In Robbinsdale

There's a lovely sculpture in Robbinsdale across the street that is just sweet. (Click on the picture for a really nice close-up provided the ineffable S.G.W.)

For one thing, it's really a very cool foam sculpture of a couple in an, uh warm embrace -- not wearing anything -- that is just really great.

What's even better is that it's across the street from what we call "The Republican Graveyard" -- Gordon Howie's lot at 5th and St Patrick that is often peppered with signs promoting Republican candidates that are against all forms of choice and self-expression -- when they don't agree with their "South Dakota values" anyway.

We at the Radical's homestead suspect it is really disturbing both Howie's prurient and puritan sensibilities, so that's all to the good.

I really like it when South Dakota citizens do something fun and surprising that doesn't fit Howie's belief that our State is a heartland filled with people that think like he does. (The voters have proved him wrong TWICE now.)

Hats off to the Prop And Handyman Shop!

For the Prop Shop, and health, a wonderful spouse, and a roof over my head I am indeed thankful this year!

Happy Thanksgiving all!


  1. Nick Nemec05:06

    I wonder how long before the arbitrers of all that is good and right will sit still before they express outrage?


  2. Anonymous11:15

    Man will always battle beast, Man will always prevale against evil, Man will always show the compassion in there hearts for the laughter and smiles of the children! To inspire and motivate creation is to be human! What we create, who and how it affects them makes us the men we are! Hats off to open minded people who inspire the prop shop to continue with our creations and bringing dreams to life! THANKS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL!!!

    Black Hills Artists and Crafters Network
    @ The Prop Shop