Saturday, September 5, 2009

A quote from Maine says it all

The dominos continue to fall, click for details...
I know this isn't very local to South Dakota, but this just shows how far out of touch South Dakota was to pass Amendment C. There's a reason it was close in 2006 and would not pass today... and this is true across the Nation...

From a Maine Public Broadcasting interview posted by Equality Maine:
What the Legislature and the governor did was make Maine the fifth state to legalize same-sex marriage. But before the law could take effect this month, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland along with other groups, mobilized a decisive repeal effort.

Working out of an unmarked office in a small business plaza in Yarmouth, Mark Mutty, Executive Chairman of the Stand for Marriage coalition, says the group had trouble finding a place to put their headquarters.

"Many people wouldn't rent to us because of the position we're taking on this issue," he says.

Susan Sharon: "They turned you down? Said we won't take your money?"

Marc Mutty: "That's correct, said we don't want anything to do with people who are on the other side of this issue and, you know, we're considered bigots."


And, in other marriage quality news, it turns out the first state to legalize same sex marriage has the lowest divorce rate in the country -- and it's DROPPED since marriage equality became the law there:

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  1. I thank you for making this report. As a second class citizens in South Dakota, as one who has to be treated like a child and not an adult, as a gay man, I hope for a future...but don't expect one...just as others do not expect one in this state of hate.