Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My note to Stephanie Herseth

Rep. Herseth Sandlin,

There's a reason 80 percent of Americans want a public option -- so we will have a choice when insurance companies abuse their government-protected oligopoly on health care. And the only way it will work is if it run as a government non-profit. If we require people to have health insurance, this is the only viable option.

Many countries have done this successfully, with no socialist takeover (notably Australia and France, which have both private/public systems that both do just fine).

I have to say that if you do not support a public option, which is what the country wants and the insurance companies don't, I this is the final straw. I might as well have a Republican representing me.

Compromising anything on the health bill for "bipartisanship's" sake is a cop-out to keep your Republican base. You will lose South Dakota's Dems if you do not work hard in the Blue Dog coalition to turn this debacle around and support a *real* public option. You know as well as I do that few, if any Republicans are going to vote for this thing in the end. We gain nothing by allowing the current profit-driven system to continue the way it has.


  1. HEAR HEAR!!!!! I am so with you on this. Actually, I'm watching all Democratic candidates. I will NOT volunteer, will not contribute, will cease to be a registered Democratic member of the party anymore if elected folk with the D's by their name basically vote and behave like corporate Republicans.

    I've already pleaded, gotten mad, and alerted to home office that I am done if a strong public option isn't supported by Democratic elected, if Blue Dog corporate greed is what the party is and the best they can get or do, it's not the party for me. Health care has been our party platform. Are Democrats as owned as the Republicans?

  2. I think the real reason 80% of Americans want a public option is the same reason that the moon is made of green cheese?

  3. Reference (on the green cheese?) please? That actually seems more likely than the idea that most Americans want to give the insurance companies much more of their hard earned money.

    Snark is only funny if you know what you're talking about and can prove it.

  4. Jackilope, please don't give up on the locals. Most of them are pretty mad at Rep HS as well, and our state legislature needs to know that Republicans are being watched!