Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time for a round with Bob Ellis

Well, here we go with another exchange with Bob Ellis of Dakota Voice.

Bob has taken it upon himself to warn what a spiritual danger I am to others.

If you want to jeopardize your eternal soul by peddling such garbage, I suppose you're entitled to do so. But I hope you're not calling yourself a Christian anymore. Associating such erroneous, evil rot with Christ is a discredit to Him, endangering other human beings, and opening yourself up to a world of eternal hurt.

Like Bob's spreading of ignorant prejudice and easily-refuted fallacies about human sexuality doesn't put Bob himself in spiritual danger. And, he says my wonderful dog doesn't have a soul. Kinda hurts my feelings.

Fortunately, there are good Chrisitans that apparently take my side on that issue.

Oh well.

Have a nice day Bob! See you in he--er-- around town!


  1. Anonymous16:52

    I guess Bob forgets that only idolators put themselves in God's place. As for me, when people say they are Christians, I believe them. Only God is the final judge.

  2. Anonymous19:24

    Looking at his blog, Bob's posts don't seem very Christ-like. I think he should look at himself before judging the faith of others.

  3. Anonymous23:56

    Gay marriage is not going to ruin the institution of family, ... middle aged men having their mid-life crisis', and the bimbos they snag is what is ruining not only the sanctity of marriage, but the demise of the family! Get real Bob!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. Bob Ellis is not a Christian. His piety is a weapon he uses to justify his personal bitterness and hatred against anyone who does not conform to and affirm his chosen lifestyle. A man of real faith would not be so insecure.

  5. OOooooo, "eternal hurt." Is that worse than eternal damnation? Well, even we sinners love Bob's perfection as he speaks for gODD so well and seems to know the mind of Christ forwards and backwards. That's impressive. I wonder what a carved "Bob" would look like on a a loincloth...with a crown of thorns. But even I've discovered that fat men don't look good in loincloths...something "Bob" might have to find out for himself. And crowns of thorns and being nailed to crosses went out with the Romans, I think, though they seem to do that in the Philippines and Mexico on religious holidays. I am sure he's waiting for his throne next to gODD. It can't happen soon enough for me.

  6. Anonymous17:14

    Seems odd that mr ellis does not state what treatment those pesky homos are seeking. Maybe it is the antidote to the "treatment" mr. ellis offers his GLBT friends.