Friday, August 28, 2009

Scott Munsterman -- a secret Republican

Although it sure isn't apparent from Mr. Munsterman's website, he is indeed, a Republican. I had to ask the Google to find out.

Maybe he doesn't want to be clearly identified as a member of the political party that has been slowly driving our schools off a fiscal cliff?

I love his little bio:
Twenty three years ago my wife Mary Jeanne and I were looking for a community where we could settle down and start a practice. We both identified qualities we wanted in a community we could call home. Mary Jeanne's list focused on good schools, a public library and other amenities, whereas my list centered on economic diversity. We eventually chose Brookings both for its high quality of life and economic stability. (emphasis mine)

Sounds like his wife is a Democrat. And he may be a secret Democrat too, unless by "economic diversity" he means the Republican-supported no-bid contracts we have in South Dakota.

(Republicans of course have long been the party defending oligopolies and company towns -- and definitely not "economic "diversity".)

And, wow, unless they photoshopped in the kids, this guy has a very large family. I'm not making a judgement; I'm just impressed!

And.. I do hope he has good health insurance. (And can keep it!)


  1. Well, we all know Brookings is a socialist republic. ;-)

  2. Brookings 15 square miles surrounded by reality? No, no, can't steal Madison, Wisconsin's thunder that way. Brookings is populated by kids from South Dakota who, while different from their parents in many ways, espouse many of the same philosophies...and only want to improve calfing and sooner wheat germination....rather than social justice. The few "liberals" there are in Brookings are submerged in the usual beer and booze society hoping to hide behind the odd bottle of Jagermeister that proves they have "foreign" interests. Many of Brookings students are enjoying "A Closer Walk with Thee"...meaning they are severe Christians...a "closer walk" something like a "lockstep with goose principles." A liberal in Brookings is something like a conservative in San Francisco...willing to tolerate a whole bunch more crap from the opposite crowd than they should.