Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suzan Nolan wins!

Robbinsdale, and the rest of Area 1, got a great break today as far as our schools go! RR-endorsed candidate Suzan Nolan has done it! This is so important because so much is at stake; having a voice like Suzan's "on board" will make a huge difference. We have a new school board member, one that really gets it about our schools in Rapid City and a voice we can be proud of!!

Suzan (right) with her friend (and friend of our schools) Dorothy Brewick.


  1. This was a pleasant surprise. Suzan is a bright, articulate and compassionate person who will bring an educator's perspective. I really thought Mrs. Gosch would win; glad I was mistaken. This gives me a bit of hope for western SD.

  2. Anonymous19:17

    Thrilled to pieces Suzan Nolan won, and by such a good margin.


  3. Anonymous22:35

    And how many times did she run? Wow...times are changin...this is a great thing for the school district.

  4. Hooray for blog endorsements not being the kiss of death! :-)