Sunday, June 7, 2009

Employee Free Choice Act

With our Junior Senator and Governor running out around the state lobbying against (and telling untruths) about the Employee Free Choice Act, sounds like things aren't going so well for them in Congress this week.

Tim Johnson, on the other hand, is pushing for (gasp) an up-or-down vote! (Argus, June 4)
Sen. Tim Johnson told a delegation of South Dakota business leaders Wednesday that he would vote to bring a controversial labor bill to the Senate floor for debate.

His decision to vote to consider the Employee Free Choice Act is a blow to local and national business groups, which have lobbied strenuously against the measure. Opponents of the bill, who include Sen. John Thune, need 60 votes in the Senate to block it from reaching the floor.

I just love this:
Mr. Wootten lives in Blue Hill, Maine. He's the President of Wind River Capital Management, chair of his School Board, and the Chair of the Maine Small Business Forum. He's even a former town chair of the Republican Party.

Today, Ben Wootten spoke out on the congressional lobbying organized by the Chamber of Commerce against the Employee Free Choice Act.

"The US Chamber of Commerce doesn't speak for small businesses any more than Burger King speaks for cows. While the Chamber works overtime to represent the narrow interests of bloated, wealthy corporations, our nation's small businesses are struggling simply to keep their doors open.

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