Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Advice for the Rapid City college-bound

I thought this was good stuff, from the RCJ letters to the editor today.

Do pass it on to a young person on that path...

Ten simple steps to take in your college planning
I was a college professor for 38 years (emeritus professor, Florida Institute of Technology).Here is advice I offer those planning for college:

1. In high school, don’t focus so much on expanding your resume that you omit basics.

2. Visit several colleges before you enroll.Unannounced visits may be best. Ask questions of students.

3. Don’t pick a school just because of its apparent prestige. After five years, your record of
performance will count for more.

4. Pick a major that leads to a career that you will enjoy. Life is short.

5. Grades are important, but understanding is more so.Cramming the night before the exam means there is something wrong with your study habits and time management.

6. Taking notes, then reviewing them after class helps memory and understanding.

7. You are not going to college just to get a job, but also to prepare yourself for life. Elective courses in literature, art, history and philosophy may help.

8. Good people make good friends and friends enrich life.

9. Some thrive with many college activities, some with few. Choose what works for you.

10. College is for getting a good start. If you pursue life well, you never need peak.

Rapid City

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