Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nya Nya, SD Watch is knocked off the list...

Robbinsdale Radical is having its 15 minutes of fame, ranked #4 in South Dakota by the BlogNetNews "influence score." Probably fueled by the comments and information aimed at the Rapid City Journal for their recent tabloid-y and irresponsible reporting about our community orchestra.

Nyah Nyah, SD Watch isn't even on the list right now:

Party poopers will point out the SDW is still #1 in the list at bottom. Can't you let me have my fun??

I didn't think so.


  1. I've been wondering about the Public Traffic Measures. My Quantcast and Alexa numbers are both well within the ranges displayed, but no Madville Times on that list. I need to get my hands on that algorithm....

  2. Curtis:

    When you get +200K viewers/month on KELOLAND like I do, let me know.


  3. I'm so proud to know you Todd!