Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love you, Ruth!

My friend Ruth Schutz posted a fine, fine, letter to the editor in the Rapid City Journal today:

Has God allowed only a portion to decide for all?

May 16, 2009 Rapid City journal: The Gallup Poll reported 51 percent of the citizens of the United States have become prolife in response to President Obama’s and his appointees’ prochoice stand.How can you be pro-life when you take the right to make life-changing decisions for 52 percent of the population? You are aware that women make up 52 percent of the world’s population.

It makes me wonder if I have sinned beyond redemption. Since the age of 13 through 41, multiplied this 52 percent in of the world’s population, have expelled one and sometimes two live,healthy eggs with the potential of being fertilized in order to produce a healthy baby.

When a woman decides to bring a child into the world she is risking her life. One of the risks is being killed by the father. Did God turn his judgment over to 51 percent of the United States population to make life-changing decisions for every woman?

Did God intend for every egg to become a baby, or did he gave me a conscience along with the common sense to know how many children I could bring into this world that I would make a lifetime commitment to?

Rapid City


  1. Dear Ruth:

    Having trouble tracking your letter down at the RCJ site, so I'll reply here.

    You asked a God question, so here goes: God calls those who would have children to become "one flesh", not two political caucases acting against each other.

    My wife and I decided to stop having children after our youngest was diagnosed with autism. This was a joint decision by two people committed to each other. I did not threaten her with death or summon some mob of men to intimidate her. Neither of us believe that elective abortion is moral, so we took other available, medically safe precautions (yes, me too).

    Your assertion about spousal murder describes a very small cohort of the population and slanders the vast majority of those who are committed to their spouses and children with love that is often sacrificial.

    And the idea that only men are oppossed to elective abortion is absurd on its face.

    I hate to sound like a lefty, but I found your characterization insensitive - slanderous, even.

  2. > I hate to sound like a lefty
    LOL! Don't worry, no danger of that!!!