Thursday, April 2, 2009

Twitters from the court: NOT!

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SDWatch has promised (threatened?) to use CoverItLive to live-blog a meeting about cameras (and apparently blogging) in South Dakota courtrooms. That should sell the committee on the idea.. watching our friend tap sentence fragments of a serious discussion in progress to the world...

My take: twitters (and twitterers!) don't belong in the courtroom AT ALL. I'm not a lawyer, but anyone who cares about a fair law system knows that far too much misinformation comes out as it is through sloppy journalism that damages the finding of truth in court. Imagine how much WORSE the OJ thing would have been with Twitter. It makes me twitch just thinking about it.

Please, fellow bloggers: please just tell us about it when it's over and you've had five minutes to think about it, and whether your view is worth sharing or, more importantly, should be shared at all. I don't want the skinny; I want the facts.

The MOST annoying thing for me in recent memory was ears-to-keyboard reactions from members during the President's first address to the joint houses of Congress. Disrepectful AND destructive. Is twitter the logical extension of the damage done from 24-hour instant cable news?

We really need a workable technology to jam courtrooms (and concert halls) from cell signals.

And, I wish SDWatch would get back to watching our embarrassing junior Senator.

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