Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flood watch in Western South Dakota

RCJ this Easter morning:
Much of western South Dakota is under a flood watch from Sunday morning through Tuesday afternoon, with rain in the forecast and with creeks and rivers rising after Saturday's warm weather hastened snowmelt from the string of spring blizzards.

No kidding. Check this out:

You can look for other real-time streamflow information in the area at the USGS South Dakota Water Science Center website.

The sump pumps in Robbinsdale on full production today as well....

Update (7:20 MT): we're up above 13 feet. Record discharge (highest ever) of more than 10,000 cubic feet per second..


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  1. I thought the fact that one creek was nearly 400,000 per cent of normal near Wakpala was interesting...lots of water.