Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Post-Snownado Robbinsdale Water Project Threatens Cows Downstream

In the wake of our amazing spring snowstorm, our corner of Robbinsdale was facing backed up meltwater that threatened to slow melting and perhaps cause all kinds of hydrologic mayhem....

In response, the intrepid Robbinsdale Corps Of Engineers (Chief, my neighbor Donnell, Associate Engineer and Shoveler, yours truly, Secondary Engineer) sprang into action, constructing a channel to move the meltwater downstream...

Turbulent flow in a carefully engineered flume.

Clear evidence of the effect of our drainage engineering downstream!


  1. Anonymous14:49

    This hasn't been peer reviewed!*snarf*


  2. Nick Nemec17:12

    I don't know....it looks like boys playin' in the water to me.