Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Barely organized religion tonight!

I'm out of town in California so I'm missing this... should be great though... (from St Andrews Parish):
Tonight at Bully Blends (410 Fifth Street) we will start out discussing sin for this months Barely Organized Religion. The word for sin in our bible is an ancient Hebrew word that means literally - to miss the mark. Has our concept of sin become something different from it's original usage? Does our current concept of sin need to be revised, retired, or left alone? Come join the discussion at 6:00 pm tonight! This is a discussion intended for all ranges of religious belief, or lack there of, so invite any you think may be interested in this discussion. See you there.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I lived closer. This sounds great and I like any reason to drink good coffee, too.

    I guess the key question for me is "Who sets the target?" If my feelings set the target and define hits and misses, no biggy. I shoot up targets over at Gary's Gun Shop from time to time, and with my middle aged eyes I'd do much better if I could set them at point-blank range instead of 25 feet.

    So, it comes back to the old question of where we derive our core values.

    Good outreach idea on St. A's part.