Monday, January 26, 2009

Reich defends himself against the tired right-wing BS

This is just too good not to repeat:

An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michelle Malkin

In a time like this, when tempers are riding high and many Americans are close to panic about their jobs and finances, you have a special responsibility to consider the accuracy of what you say and the consequences of inflammatory and erroneous statements. In the last few days, manifestly distorting my words and pulling them out of context, you have accused me of wanting to exclude white males from jobs generated by the stimulus package. Anyone who takes a moment to examine what I actually said and wrote knows this to be an absurd misrepresentation of my position (see this). My goal is and has always been to create as many opportunities for as wide a group as possible, and not exclude anyone from access. There is and has never been any ambiguity about this. The hate mail I have received since your broadcast suggests that the mischievous consequences of your demagoguery are potentially dangerous, in addition to being destructive of rational and constructive political discourse. I urge you to take responsibility for your words. Words and ideas have real world consequences, and you have demonstrated a cavalier disregard for both.


  1. I <3 Robert Reich!!

  2. Leonard Pitts had a column along these very lines in my hometown MO paper, the Sedalia Democrat, yesterday. Pitts wasn't getting hate mail, but he was imploring Rush to stop his divisive rhetoric.

    And I'll forward to you an email I got via the military community, the veracity of which is in major question. The person who forwarded this to me is usually not easily had.

    Unfortunately, it is again time for games, according to those who no longer are in power. It is more important to them that their political enemies fail than the nation succeed.

  3. Anonymous12:20

    When sleazeball Limbaugh had a TV show, he put a video clip on of Reich who is height-challenged.

    Rush just showed the top of Reich's head as he ranted over it.

    Kind of despicable for a fat slob who dodged the draft because of rectal cysts to make fun of short people.

    Doug Wiken