Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's really cold in Robbinsdale

Is this some kind of metaphor for West River, where Democrats who dare to criticize Republican pronouncements that "everything is great in Rapid City" are pooh-poohed as Negative Nellies?

Instead of what we are, the reality-based community?

"I think we're very prosperous in West River" -- Elli Schwiesow, Oct 2008
"We're doing very well in South Dakota, thank you very much." -- Brian Gosch, Oct 2008 (paraphrase)

So, because the controlling majorities in the State House, State Senate, and Governor's office are preparing to cut things that will hurt kids and the non-rich. They didn't think ahead, but of course others will pay the cost for their short-sightedness.

The Governor as proposed, among other things, ending state support for the School for the Deaf, cutting out the South Dakota Arts Council, and of course ending any efforts to improve our last-in-the-nation funding of schools.
Yup, everything's just fine here. As a matter of fact, in the Rapid Reply in the Journal, the big concern is not the closing of these critical government services to people that need them. And, the main public concern (if you give any weight to the Journal's "Rapid Reply" [which I don't]) is about gambling.

It's a pretty cold day in our State.


  1. One of the comments worth reading there:

    Where is the outrage wrote on Jan 22, 2009 4:28 PM:
    I read these comments, and hardly anyone seems at all concerned about the proposal to close the School For The Deaf. This is not some elite, cushy college of higher learning. This is a necessary school for people of all ages who are given the chance to learn in an environment with their peers and their equals. Students there are taught by experts and members of their own Deaf community, and given the tools and opportunities to succeed in a hearing world without compromising their own identities as Deaf persons. Shame of Governor Rounds for even considering such a thing. Shame shame shame.

  2. I've always noticed that a larger percentage of deaf men are also gay...perhaps this has nothing to do with the deaf...but with discrimination against gay wouldn't surprise me either considering Gov. Rounds history in that area as well. He's probably thinking to himself that he'll kill two birds with one deaf stone. Let's see, we don't want artists in South Dakota(lots of gay artists, you know) deaf folk...hmmm, does there seem to be a pattern here? Next, he'll probably raise taxes on hairdressers. So eventually we'll be left with unartistic, inarticulate, messy-haired, beef ranchers running South Dakota. Wait a minute, it already is.