Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taking Attendance on District 32 Reps

We here at Radical Central have been taking attendance on the recently re-elected District 32 Reps:

EventRep. DreyerRep. Gosch
Dec 3: Pre-Legislative Crackerbarrel, Rapid City (1)missingmissing
Dec 9: Legislative Crackerbarrel, WDTI, Rapid City (2)missingpresent

(1) This was a chance for our local legislators to hear the local government perspective, packaged for legislators and the governor. Too bad they missed it.
(2) The first opportunity for the public and press to ask the legislators questions. Where was Dreyer?

Note that Dreyer was elected by a landslide, but was hardly seen during the campaign (4000 doors my South-side butt!) and was also quite silent in Pierre-- only a few bills his first two years in the legislature -- compare to Rep David Lust, (R[of course]-34, Rapid City) who I certainly don't agree with but passed seven bills in 2007 alone. As I have said, google these guys. You'll get the idea. Do they even talk to the press?

District 32 voters, I implore you to ask yourselves in the coming two years-- are you being represented?


  1. didn't know there was a cracker barrel tonight, who else was there / missing?

  2. Spencer06:32

    They don't care. They just get elected and walk around with an air of undeserved entitlement.

    When will voters in RC get sick of freeloaders like these two?