Monday, December 15, 2008

A family to remember this year

As we go into the turn of the year, if we are doing okay I think it's very important to remember those, who we know about or we don't, who are having difficulty getting through it.

I've been thinking a lot about the Siers family that lost a daughter and a home, and whose lives will never be the same. (Today's RC Journal story here.)

(Photo from Soderlin/RCJ, link for story and picture)

Normally I would be a little upset reading about a pastor using this moment to proslytize, but hey, if it gives the family and friends comfort to bring people toward God in some way or another, I'm for it. Times like this don't call for political or religious discernment as much as they care for support to those that need it.

Thoughts, prayers to these folks, and others that relive loss and tragedy during this time. Let's commit to help those that need a hand both this Christmas season and through the coming year.

I am inspired by how the Box Elder community, who generally aren't the wealthiest or most powerful folks in our area, have shown themselves as very rich and strong in heart. If you want to join the Box Elder community in support of the Siers family, here's the info:

Monetary donations for the family can be made at any Wells Fargo bank and Sentinel Federal Credit Union in Box Elder. To donate household items or items for a planned fundraising auction, contact Kathleen Sheets of the Box Elder Chamber of Commerce at 593-2788
(source: RCJ, Dec 5)

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