Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Really Smart People Live In District 2-1

We thank everyone for working so hard and for your support of candidates working for a better South Dakota. A lot of people voted for our Dems, but a lot of people didn't as well. The really exciting thing of course is that a LOT of people got involved and a LOT of people voted. This is all to the good.

And a special God bless the good voters of 2-1... the majority of you are clearly looking to the future, and this writer appreciates that.

Complete election results have been posted by the Secretary Of State.

We'll talk later.

1 comment:

  1. Since the vote on the constitutional change from 5 cents per mile for legislators didn't add change to their you think it reflects the kind of respect South Dakotans have for their legislators? I do. These self-centered, mostly Republican do-nothings got nothing from the people. That speaks volumes. And yet, they keep electing them. Imagine what a serious group of South Dakota statesmen would look like in Pierre and what they could do for the people. Alas, they fail their challenges every year. South Dakota, land of smear and smudge, land of dweebs and grudge.