Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rapid City School District ponders cuts

The RC Weekly News reported on the school funding issues this week:
The administration is trying to get a jump on the 2009-10 budget and Janak made a presentation to the board to show them what projections are at this time. Unfortunately, until the administration knows what revenues will be, they are just projections.

Janak will be presenting budget news at every board of education meeting up until the final budget is adopted in October. After last year’s budget struggles the administration is being pro-active in its approach and asking board members for input now as far as possible cuts.

Again, the entire article neglects to mention the root cause of the crisis: a Legislature that clings to unfair taxation that strangles our state budget while weighting as a revenue source those who can least afford it. C'mon West River, please elect somebody else in 2010!

You conservatives read the book of Ezekiel before you make snarky comments: living unfairly on the backs of the poor is much worse then all the sex stuff you folks looove to talk about.

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  1. And spending a great deal of time killing and robbing brown people doesn't get one into heaven either...but then, that doesn't appear to be frowned upon by Ezekiel.