Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brian, Brian and Stan get a new home

Loyal readers here met these fishy Rapid City residents already; but now the time has come to hear their story.

Brian, Stan and Brian in their tank

(L to R: Brian, Stan, and Brian in their new home

We have a modest pond in the back yard that freezes to the bottom in winter so we (well Dear Spouse, the yard is more her domain than mine) need to remove our fish as part of our fall yard work. Before the frost hit, Dear Spouse somehow found the time to collect the fish (some of them were quite large, this was a good year) and gave them to a local pet store. But a few weeks later she found two that had eluded her during the pond cleanup, hiding down in the muck. Then a few days later, she found one more flipping around in what was left of the pond. Since the first two were not very visible (kind of like the Brians during the election season this last fall, despite what they told the RCJ) and the last one came by late (like Stan did at many events this fall) she named them Brian, Brian and Stan.

She put them in a fishbowl (much like our friends will be in Pierre, more power to them, as being a legislator is not easy, with snarky constituents like yours truly watching and all). Unfortunately, like the State Legislature, goldfish can be pretty messy, and cleaning out the tank is very difficult (as we discovered on November 4!) It's was also hard to keep track of what they were up to in their traditional fishbowl. So early this week, Dear Spouse found a deal on a fish tank with a filter and everything, and put it up on a shelf where we can keep an eye on it. (A fine metaphor for some toothy open-meeting legislation if you ask me!)

Anyway, here they are:

Brian D is by far the best looking fish in Robbinsdale. That's his main selling point.

Brian G is also good-looking but is larger and, well, very white compared to the other too. He is definitely not a fish of color.

Stan, the Carassius auratus who came to the party late, is a very wise fish, a real survivor (remember he was the last out of the pond), and sports a jaunty white beard. He's definitely my favorite.

Maybe we will hear more from the Slippery Gilled Ones in 2009!


  1. CP, this is really funny! What a great metaphor!

    And, for the sake of South Dakota, here's hoping there isn't a fish fry down the road.

  2. I had an uncle who said he let the fish freeze in winter...and they always survived...but I don't know how. Maybe it depends on how deep the pond is. Or perhaps how deep the b*lls**t was in his story. I guess I'll never know now.