Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain uses Trig, again

Something always bothered me about the way the McCain campaign keeps bringing up Palin's special-needs child, who was described several times in the debate tonight by McCain as autistic (maybe less scary than Downs to some?).

This diary on Daily Kos nails it. From someone who knows about it.

There was one moment when all four of us, in unison, gasped. It was the moment that John McCain once again brought up the fact that Trig Palin is a special needs child. He subsequently used this "argument" again during the course of the debate.

You see, my older sister has Down's Syndrome....

Special needs children should not be used for political gain. The fact that Sarah Palin is dragging Trig around the country and seemingly parading him around disgusts me and my entire family. It is disheartening. It's almost like the McCain campaign found out that Sarah Palin has a special needs kid and was like, "Oh, we can use that!" (I don't doubt it) My family was further enraged when Senator McCain repeatedly stated that Sarah Palin "knows what it's like" to have a special needs child. Trig is a baby. His symptoms won't start showing up significantly until he gets a bit older. It seems that Sarah Palin has no idea what she's in store for. I just hope that she can give Trig the kind of life my parents vowed to, and succeeded in, giving my sister.

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  1. Here's a theory on why autism, not Downs, was mentioned:

    And as the mother of an autistic daughter, I know exactly why McCain opted to drop the “A bomb” 4 times….because autism affects 1 in 150 children & DS affects 1 in 8000 — so we are a much better demographic.