Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time to stand up and put an end to the one-party system

A letter from yesterday's Rapid City Journal:

(Note: I removed the RCJ's unnecessary quotes around "one-party" in the title)

Time to stand up and put an end to the one-party system

For too long, South Dakota has had a one party, rubber stamp legislature. In
District 32, our two state representatives are Brian dee and Brian dum. This “dynamic duo” hasn’t worked to adequately fund our schools, which face drastic cutbacks.

Apparently Brian dee and Brian dum are content to be last in the nation in per capita support for education. We do lead the nation in percent of
parents who must work and in percent of children incarcerated. If this doesn’t bother Brian dum, you could try calling Brian dee. He might not care either.

The one-party legislature, particularly the House, takes its marching orders from the governor.

This is why we have elections in America! It’s time to take a stand and fight for something better. Bethany Wojahn and Eric Abrahamson have proven track records as advocates for our children. They’ll work for education, not incarceration.

If you’re not being represented by Brian dee and Brian dum, vote for a solid change. Vote for Wojahn and Abrahamson.

Rapid City

Seriously I challenge you to google Gosch and Dreyer. You won't find much.

In my opinion they've treated their seat in Pierre as an honorary position-- almost no legislation -- and certainly have not been standing up for our needs in West River. The school funding deal they approved last year (at the Gov's direction) basically cut off Rapid City and precipitated the current school funding crisis here. They haven't even made an effort to keep local media in the loop about that or any other issues in Pierre that affect our lives. It's even rumored that Gosch had to be chased down last winter to show up in Pierre to be sworn in.

Their opponents, Abrahamson and Wojahn, are solid citizens who will work hard in a legislature that will need their considerable talents in this tough year. You can bet they will keep West River folks in the loop and be listening to what you need from Pierre. WE NEED THIS CHANGE.

The most important thing you can do right now, in District 32 or anywhere else, is help with get out the vote. We need your help, this a tough race statewide and the future of the state is depending on us.

In West River, call the West River HQ today at 716-3391, or email

Yes, we can.

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