Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rasmussen cries foul on Palin

Randy Rasumussen is serving up Republican talking points on the Rapid City Journal's Mount Blogmore, as usual:
Apparently, these claims and many others are completely false rumors circulating through the Internet. Including: Palin cut special needs education funding in Alaska, she sought to ban books, she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, she supported Pat Buchanan for president and she wants creationism taught in school.

My comment:

RR is conveniently reading around the many things Palin is saying that are demonstrably false. She continues to repeat the hot-focus-group parts of her convention speech that sell, ignoring the fact that many of the zingers (her history with the bridge to nowhere, the jet sold on e-bay, the cook that was fired, etc) are misleading or absolutely false and have been throughly debunked. (It's like the truth doesn't matter, just the political value of the idea. Sound familiar?)

And the meme that asking questions about Palin’s religious background, her family life, etc to get a little insight into her character and values is grossly hypocritical and unfair. I hadn’t noticed anyone on the right holding back on the Clintons, who, BTW, are still on their first marriage.

I’m just sayin’.

One more thing:

Jesus was a community organizer.
Pilate was a governor.

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