Friday, August 29, 2008

RR and Ellis on the 10pm news on young voters

I got a brief spot on the KOTA 10pm news this evening in a story from Rachael Embler, on the topic of young people in the electoral process and how the web's role in that.

Amazingly, Bob Ellis sounded almost like a sane person, warning young people to watch the veracity of websites where they get their information, as some bloggers have an evil habit of picking and choosing sources to back up their opinions:

[Ellis:]"Blogging is definitely opinion oriented. I'd like to think the better bloggers and the best bloggers out there try to keep that grounded in as much factual information as possible," he said.

Talk about the crack-pot calling the kettle white. This the guy who dismisses the APA, the AMA, and National Academy of Sciences and the IPCC climate folks as "non-credible" and instead has to seek out the experts from places like "Grove City College."

This was good too:

"Who knows, we might actually get a surprise and see the youth vote come out in greater numbers than we've ever seen," Ellis said.

Well, Duh. Under 35s aren't aren't stupid, they are seeing the biggest transfer of wealth from them to the boomers from the Bush tax cuts and the proposed "privatization" (I call it "theft") of Social Security.

Ellis may be surprised, but not me. I see him and many boomers surprised by the young people who see the writing on the wall and are increasingly politically active. In the unlikely and tragic outcome of a McCain Presidency, you can look forward to a inter-generational political fight like the Nation has ever seen.

But it's such a non-option -- I plan to work hard for Obama. Two overwhelming reasons why: A McCain Presidency will mean (a) the Justice Department will not be investigated and (b) a Supreme Court that show increasing disrespect to the US Constitution.

No thank you!

The irony is overwhelming to me, as Ellis sources some pretty extreme fringe "experts" on the topics he uses, and then challenges people to respond with "credible" sources. I guess by "credible" he means sources that agree with his ultra-wing-nut point of view?

And so it goes!

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