Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns

More on that story at HuffPost...

But this video really tells the story in stark relief. Please share it:

How folks like Bob Ellis can attack Obama as elitist is beyond my comprehension...


  1. It is not a smart move for Obama to open this door.

    He doesn't even know how many states there are (57, according to him).

    Plus, on the real-estate front, his record isn't so great, either, especially when you consider his dalliance with a crook.,0,6186743.story+%2Bobama+%2Brezko+%2Bhouse&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us

  2. Weak, weak.

    The fifty seven state quote was a tired moment for a man who has been campaigning with dogged determination for months. Just a slip of the tongue--a little different from McCain, who apparently isn't totally sure about Iraq from Iran, or Shiite from Sunni, he has flubbed that so much. A little more serious slip in my book...

    On the real-estate front, you are simply repeating McCain Campaign talking points. The Rezko deal is a real reach as an indictment of Obama. You can read the details yourself.

    And it's certainly lame with a attack totally based on conjecture instead of facts, directed at a Senator that has VERY high ethical standards, especially when compared with the standard set his opponent John McSame... (divorced his wife for a rich, much younger girlfriend, and right after that gained fame as a leading member of the Keating Five [McCain was censured for demonstrably serving his client in return for contributions] while his young heiress wife got high on prescription drugs obtained through her charity.. .shall I continue?) ...