Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Laura Ingraham gets what she deserves

Plains Feminist introduced me to a great Laura Ingraham video:

I've watched the Laura Ingraham video that everyone is talking about, but what I see is not a horrible person, but a professional who is trying to do her job and totally, utterly prevented from doing so by a team of incompetents at FOX "News." I probably still hate her, but in this, she has my understanding.

My response:

I was familiar with Laura Ingraham's work back when I was in grad school at Dartmouth in 1982. (I think she had just graduated and was still writing ugly, mean editorials for The Dartmouth Review.)

After all the suffering Laura has caused, it gave me extreme pleasure to have her personally experience what we have seen for the last eight years-- what happens when people are hired on the basis of their loyalty instead of their skills, experience, and professionalism!

And, since we're seeing this tape, maybe their loyalty wasn't so hot either!

As Dietter would say, her agony was goooooredgous!


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