Saturday, August 16, 2008

God Bless The ACLU

Bob Ellis's is crowing about the American Civil Liberties Union showing up to work against the unconstitutional granting of wide government authority over our very bodies. Where are the black helicopters? Apparently Ellis is for the government having an awful lot of power over people who he doesn't trust.

This is how he mentions it:

(even the ACLU--one of the most anti-God, anti-family, anti-American groups in the country--was there),

Bob just doesn't get it. The ACLU will be there to protect HIM as well against the "Anti-God, Anti-Family" folk he so fears. They do not discriminate. This has gotten them in big controversy with both the left and the right, but they do not waver.

If you're wondering why the ACLU has taken interest in Measure 11, I invite you, plead with you to simply read the whole thing... This proposed law dangles the sword of the government, threatening prosecution unless citizens hand over tissue samples for DNA evidence of their personal medical treatment. How anti-American is that?

The Pro-11 wingnuts are trying an end-run around this debate by framing Initiated Measure 11 as a referendum on abortion being right or wrong. No, sorry, I'm not biting. That's the kind of thing you can (and should) talk about with your kids. The question for November is simply whether I.M. 11 is a law we want on the books.

The extremists (who are common in this debate) are eager to frame good and evil in a political vote. Politics by its very nature doesn't work in this frame... this kind of talk stifles debate and takes all the good (and fun) out of politics. I wish they'd just knock it off. Flying Tomato Farms nailed it exactly:

There are those who want every issue, every idea, every thing they encounter to have a “good” label or an “evil” label, and there are those who are quick to affix those labels. They castigate those who will not engage in this sort of labeling as the ultimate evil-doers: moral relativists. I do not see myself as one of those.

And neither do I.

Please vote carefully on 11, and vote your conscience. But please read the whole law before you vote and ponder what the effects of it will be if it does pass.

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  1. Right on, brother! Morality is one thing; public policy is quite another.