Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sharing our stories at the Heritage Fest

I've been down at the Heritage Festival this weekend getting the message out about the great Democratic candidates, and having good discussions with folks about our fine South Dakota Government, and touching base with... our base, handing out copies of our Democratic Party platform and resolutions and so forth, and doing a lot of listening to the public, and informing folks that need to know that:
  • Yes, Sen Johnson has made every vote personally on the Senate floor since his return, you can see it with your own eyes on C-SPAN.
  • No, Obama is not a secret Muslim.
  • No, we SD Dems own guns too, and we don't want to take yours away. Really; no way, no how.
I've been schmoozing with Republicans too; they were right across the lawn from us down there this weekend. I had an interesting conversation with former Rep. Don Van Etten and his dear spouse (who are supporting Elli Schwiesow's independent end-run--no big surprise there).

It's been a good weekend that way and I have great hopes for the conversation in and around Robbinsdale between now and November.

District 32 Democratic House Candidate Eric Abrahamson discusses public school funding issues (point by point) with retired RC Schools music educator Coral White and an anonymous fellow Republican, who requested not to be identified on my blog.

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